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'A Kaiserreich show on every screen, a kaiserreich book in every store'

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Kaiserreich & KCC

Kaiserreich is a series of alt-history modifications first developed for the Hearts of Iron game series in the early 2000's. The universe is based on a single, simple premise: 'What if Germany had won WW1?'.

I founded Kaiser Cat Cinema (KCC) in 2017 with a group of former Kaiserreich mod developers. Our aim became spreading the world of Kaiserreich far and wide.

We are an independent team of content creators passionate about spreading the world of Kaiserreich. Our team is focused on creating freely available Kaiserreich content for all platforms worldwide.

Merchandise & origins

The idea for Kaiser Cat Cinema was born at PDX-CON 2017. For the occasion, I had painted three Kaiserreich propaganda posters which were handed out for free at the convention. These posters became an unexpected cult hit: After the convention, many community members asked for the option to buy their own posters.

With the blessing of the team, Kaiser Cat Cinema was branched off from the mod to focus on merchandise and fundraising. The premise was simple: KCC is a one-man endeavour to reinvest all profits from the webshop into creating free original content. 25% of all remaining profits at the end of the year are then shared back to the modding team.

We call this mission: 'A Kaiserreich show on every screen, a Kaiserreich book in every store'

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The World of Kaiserreich Art book

Our World of Kaiserreich and Kaiserreich documentary series are an example of our two-pronged approach. These videos' scripts and art serve as promotional pieces for the universe. However, they also build a library of content that will be used to create a World of Kaiserreich Art Book later on. 

Original shows, comics and animations

But our ambitions go even further. Alongside universe videos, we also create original comics and animations inspired by the world of Kaiserreich. These projects aim to bring unique characters and storylines to the universe, and each of them is available for free. Go check them out!

• The Divided States, an animatic/comic series set during the Second American Civil War

• Nights in Shanghai, a noir audio drama set in Kaiserreich's Legation Cities

Other ways to support

Merchandise is not the only way to support Kaiser Cat Cinema. Streaming our music and watching our videos are completely free, but create ad revenue for our teams and projects. For those who would like to be immortalized in our art and animatons, there is also our famed Patreon Cameo Programme!

Patreons can make cameo appearances in our art and animations. This way, they become a part of the shows they support and love.

Even if you have no extra funds to spend, just know that sharing our videos goes a long way to helping KCC! Sign up to our newsletter below to stay up-to-date with our releases and join the KCC United Front.

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