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About Kaiser Cat Cinema

Kaiser Cat Cinema is a collective of artists, actors and musicians united in the goal of bringing free althistory content to all platforms. We are funded by the webshop, Patreon and Youtube advertising, that we use to make original music, radio shows and animatics expanding the world and lore of Kaiserreich.

About Kaiserreich

Kaiserreich is the world's largest alt-history IP, being actively developed since the late 2000's. Developed and played by thousands of fans worldwide, Kaiserreich asks one simple question: 'What if Germany had won WW1?'.

This question inspired a universe of games, video and art across platforms and generations. Kaiser Cat Cinema was founded to allow us to sell merchandise and use the profits to fund Kaiserreich music, Youtube content and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be black Kaiserreich coffee mugs?

Because of our print-on-demand system, we can currently only offer white mugs. Printing on a black mug requires a different printing technique that requires stock to be produced. For those interested, you can sign up to a waiting list for black coffee mugs. If there is enough interest, we will 

Sign up here:

Will you sell enamel pins or patches?

Similar as above, enamel pins and patches are technically not possible with the print-on-demand system. If there is enough interest, we can look into getting some in stock.

To request products, you can visit the webstore_general_feedback channel and add a reaction to the pinned posts