War On Shipping!

Thanks to the volume of our sales we can now offer what is known as Carrier-Based Rates, meaning shipping for a lot of people has been lowered as much as 70%!

To make it fair for everyone who ordered already, I will be retroactively paying back the difference in shipping - You can choose to pick it up as store credit with a little extra on top or just straight up cashback.


  1. Send an e-mail to kcat.cinema@gmail.com with the topic title 'ORDER NUMBER - Request for Cashback'.
    Please don't forget your order number!

  2. Include your receipt or a screenshot of your receipt

  3. Go to the webshop, put the same order in and recalculate your shipping

  4. Snap a screenshot of the page and include that

  5. Mention if you want cashback or store credit


I will probably add a little on top if it's store credit as a returning customer reward, but I still need to figure out the math.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the store so far - The volume of sales is what allowed us to get the better shipping deal!